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I am proud to offer to the people of North Georgia, and Western North Carolina a new yet steeped in experience, business. I’m Gary Andrews, owner of Mountain Life Auto Tinting, LLC. I have been a Retail Services Contractor for close to 50 years, 30 of which has been in the Window Tinting Industry.

I was raised in Decatur, GA where I literally grew up in the tinting business. I began working for my father, owner of Sun-X of Georgia, when I was only 10, applying liquid “flow coat” tinting to commercial windows. In 1969, the first window film was introduced to the market. Not long after, a customer approached my father about tinting his work van, (a concept that was new and had never been tried before). We began experimenting with installing tint on autos, but had a lot of trials as the material had a metal layer and a water based adhesive that did not lend itself to the multiple curves found in auto glass. But the Automotive Window Tinting industry was born, and I was there.

As the Automotive films became more advanced with the use of laminated dyed films and pressure sensitive adhesives, the Commercial and Residential films to advanced also advanced, first with the added dyed layer of Mylar adhered to the metalized coating providing colors besides Silver, and varying shades to allow for lighter yet still effective films to be offered to an expanding Residential and Commercial Market. Later the adhesives changed from an applied water-based adhesive to the more advanced CDF adhesives that chemically bonded the newer Polyester Films to the glass. Then came the lighter yet still effective Sputtered films giving Homeowners and retailers yet more choices while maintaining the darker films that had been the mainstay of the industry.

Working for my father and later becoming owner of Sun-X of Georgia, our resume grew rather large serving such regular customers as C&S Bank Branch Offices, Emory University, and completion of larger projects such as the Norfolk-Southern Railway Building, much of the Atlanta Gaslight Tower, the C&S Bank Tower and many of the State buildings in Atlanta. Later while working with other companies such as Allstate Solar Tinting in Tucker, GA, Oasis Window Tinting in Lilburn, GA and Southern Exposure in Woodstock, GA, I completed such Projects as the Richard Russell building in Milledgeville, GA, The St. Francis Hospital in Columbus, GA and The Tennessee Tower in Nashville, TN.

After walking Away from the Window Film Industry in 1998, I worked for a National Plumbing Contractor that at one point grew to be the nation’s largest privately owned residential plumbing company in America. For more than twenty years, I served in many roles there including Sales Manager, Marketing Director, Project Manager, and eventually the Southeast Regional Operation Manager. That afforded me the opportunity to hone the skills that my father had instilled in me such as work ethic, customer satisfaction, the value of product knowledge and so much more.

My goal at Mountain Life Auto Tinting is; listen to the customer’s needs, provide solutions based on extensive product and materials knowledge, complete projects with only the best quality materials and installation techniques in a timely manner, while offering 100% Customer Satisfaction.

Gary Andrews

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