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Not only do the window films of today enhance the appearance of you vehicle, they protect the car’s interior from the ravages of UVa and UVb that destroy car interiors, but they also provide critical glare control enabling the driver to see more clearly on bright Sunny days, or to reduce harsh glare from bright car lights on dark roads at night. Additionally, window tinting will reduce the heat build-up in your car when parked and allow the air conditioner to cool down faster and to operate at lower settings, giving you improved gas mileage as well as increased comfort.


Window films are designed to fulfill many tasks, so whether you have an office building, retail outlet or warehousing facility, the benefits of window films are enormous. By rejecting up to 78% of the Sun’s radiant energy, cooling costs are cut dramatically in the Summer, while reflecting energy back into the building, that would normally be lost through the glass in Winter, reducing heating costs. Rejecting 99% of UVa and UVb rays from the Sun will nearly eliminate Solar fading of furnishings, displays, and finishes. By reducing up to 80% of glare, either by the Sun or reflected off other objects, will make it easier to read monitors, phones, etc. and eliminate the need to use pull down blinds that will block your view. All in all, window films make interiors more comfortable to work in, shop in or to just be in, not to mention the enhanced appearance of the building from the exterior.


Window Tinting will allow homeowners to live in a more comfortable, less expensive environment by rejecting the sun’s heat, glare and damaging Ultra Violet rays. Window films also add an extra layer of safety by holding glass together in case of breakage. There are different films for differing applications. Darker films, (not necessarily color, but Visible Light Transmission), of course will reduce more glare as well as provide the maximum energy rejection, but may not give the appearance that blends with the exterior of your home. Your expert from Mountain Life Tinting will listen to your wants and needs and suggest the right materials that will provide the proper balance of efficiency, comfort and appearance.

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